Collection: Spouse or Child of a Jananesse National | Certificate of Eligibility

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【Spouse or Child of a Jananesse National】Certificate of Eligibility

Required documents list

  • Photo (vertical 4 cm × horizontal 3 cm, shooting within 2 months, no hat, no background)
  • copy of passport
  • Applicant's birth certificate ※ For children
  • Certificate of marriage in the home country of applicant
  • Spouse's Certificate, Spouse Employment Agreement, Spouse's Safe
  • Pantry tax certificate of resident tax for spouse, tax payment certificate
  • Family registered copy of the spouse
  • Copy of resident's card of spouse (all family members)
  • Question book (history to marriage, family outline, etc.)
  • Snap photo of a couple (3 pieces in various situations)
  • Call history (screenshot possible)

※ Documents other than the above may be required.